Women’s conference 2024
“Let her glean”
March 25-30, 2024
maryville social hall
2009 s. frasier st. 
georgetown, sc 29440
free registration!!!

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There is a young girl, who is worried about being accepted, but finds much
rejection and abandonment. She takes on desperate measures (suicide and running
away) she thought was the only way out. It was there that she discovered she had fallen hard into idolatry; thus, falling farther away from God. Would this loving God take her back, or would she be consumed by life’s opposition?

She finds a friend, someone in whom she trust and can depend upon; but, finds
herself replacing him with others because of her desire in needing acceptance. These
other relationships brought about distrust and hurt. Again, she is separated from the only friend in whom she has abandoned. Can she find her way back? If she does, it will only be through falling down and worshiping him.

mama-2-bookThe Necessity of Repentance: Renewed In Knowledge is all about the sin we commit as humans on this earth and how we deal with sin in our lives. God put The Ten Commandments in place for a reason: in order that the people He created would follow simple rules and instructions as they live on the earth. What do we do after the sin is committed? Apostle Johnson says that it is absolutely vital that we recognize our sins, ask for forgiveness, and most importantly—repent of our actions. Then can we find forgiveness and peace that comes with acknowledging our wrongs before our Creator. Once we repentant, we can rest in our knowledge and learn from our sin. Repentance is necessary. Jesus Christ died for our sins. There is life after death. Are you still walking in un-forgiveness? Are you your brother’s keeper?
There are times in life when we have to make tough decisions to do what we know is right, even if it is looked down upon or condemned by others. My Journey in Ministry by Doris Johnson is one such story. Told by others that it was not her place as a woman to preach the gospel, Doris faced rejection and betrayal from those around her, even though she knew this was what God had commanded her to do. Through her obedience, however, Doris was able to step into her calling and fulfill her purpose to help bring the lost into the kingdom of God. Hers is a story of redemption, reconciliation, and faith and will inspire and encourage those who have experienced similar struggles, reminding them that if they rely on the Lord and simply follow His voice, He will guide them every step of the way.